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Which Orion Arctic Ice Pack Is Right For Me?

We here at Orion Coolers have recently partnered up with Arctic Ice™, a USA-made brand of rugged ice-substitute cooler packs that maintain low temperatures longer than ice or “blue gel” products. We’re offering two different temperatures and two different sizes, Frostbite and Black Ice in large and extra large sizes. A few questions you might ask yourself – why wouldn’t I simply choose the coldest pack offered? What size should I use in my 45? How long should I freeze the pack? Read on…

Black Ice - Arctic Ice

Orion Black Ice -15C | 5F – Our Black Ice offering is a replacement for dry ice meaning it gets cold… really cold. Cold to the point where, in a well-packed cooler, tossing a few sodas in with a couple Black Ice panels could cause your cans to freeze and potentially explode. Colder isn’t *always* better! Black Ice is ideal for frozen food, packing out game, frozen beverages and ice cream. They freeze completely after approximately 36 hours in a freezer set to its coldest setting.

Our extra large Black Ice panel weighs in at five pounds and replaces five pounds of dry ice. The large is two and a half pounds, replacing two and a half pounds of dry ice. Black Ice is designed as a safer and more efficient alternative to dry ice for keeping frozen food frozen, and a few of these lining your cooler will keep everything fresh and frozen for days.


  • XL: 10.925″ x 8.661″ x 1.85″; 5lbs
  • L:   7.5″ x 9.5″ x 1.25″; 2.5lbs

Pre-cooling your Orion and packing it tightly with minimal air space will yield maximum results. Extended storage periods? Pack full of frozen goods and open rarely.

You can pick them up here:

Frostbite Arctic Ice Pack XL

Orion Frostbite -2C | 28.4F – Frostbite packs lining the bottom of your Orion mean you can load up your pre-chilled beverages and enjoy cold drinks for days. These panels freeze solid after 8-10 hours in a freezer set to its coldest setting. One pound of ‘wet ice’ (the stuff you grab at gas stations) = one pound of Frostbite. Lay a layer of panels in the bottom of your cooler then place pre-chilled drinks on top. For best results, cover your drinks with additional panels – think of it as a beverage sandwich. 

Frostbite panels will keep any cooler colder than ice and keep it that way for days. Use equivalent weight of Frostbite as you would ice in large coolers and sit back and relax – your drinks will stay cold! XL containers hold 5 pounds of frosty goodness and will keep your cooler and contents cold and dry until the party’s over. One or two L panels replace wet, messy ice to keep your beverages perfectly cold all day long.

Adding frozen Frostbite panels to pre-chilled beverages will yield best results.

Recommended Sizes for Your Orion:

  • 25q Orion: 2 Large Panels
  • 35-45-55q Orion: 2-6 XL Panels
  • 65-85q Orion: 4-8 XL Panels

You can pick them up here:

Happy trails!

~ Bridgett Howard

Black Ice – Large – Inside Orion 25

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