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The Orion 55

The Orion 55

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There’s a slot between a long weekend camping adventure and a full week of roughing it in the field, and the Orion 55 was created to fill it. Bring on the limit of salmon filets or quartered game. There’s room. That’s not to say the 55 can’t handle more civilized chores. Keeping all the adult beverages icy cold for an outdoor summer wedding party? Brining the family’s turkeys for Thanksgiving? The 55 is down for that kind of duty, too. Trick it out with RAM accessories attached to the integrated YakAttack gear tracks and it becomes even more versatile and useful for anyone whose pursuits tend toward the bigger and bolder.

Capacity: 55 quarts

Tie downs: 6

Bottle openers: 4

Insulation: 2″-2.75″

Standing pad: Integrated

Interior tray: Solid thermoformed ABS plastic.

Hinges: Lifetime

Closures: Lifetime galvanized cam latches

Exterior Dimensions, base: 27″ x 15.75″

Exterior Dimensions, top: 29.25″ x 18″

Exterior Height: 18.25″

Weight: 26.75 lbs.

Price: $479

(

  • 55-Forest Forest
  • 55-Sky Sky
  • Dorado-55-Front Dorado
  • Jungle-55-Front Jungle
  • 55-Bluefin Bluefin
  • 55-Blaze Blaze

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