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Clay Hayes is a professional wildlife biologist, primitive bowyer & bowhunter, wildlife film maker, and writer. Growing up on his family’s farm in the Florida panhandle, he spent his boyhood summers among the cypress swamps and Spanish moss. But, as alluring as southern woodlands are, the Rocky Mountains always called. After graduating from Mississippi State University with a masters in wildlife ecology he headed west with his wife to settle among the aspen and endless conifers stretching across the west slope of central Idaho Rockies. A lifelong learner, he has always been fascinated with wildlife and has spent the better part of his life studying the ecology of the natural world around him. This fascination, in combination with a love of hunting, eventually led him to the world of traditional and primitive archery. Limiting the effectiveness of his weapons allows him to gain an intimate knowledge of the game he pursues, and the myriad other creatures encountered along the way.

In 2012, in an attempt to preserve and promote woodsmanship and traditional skills, Clay started Twisted Stave Media. On his website, you’ll find the best video instructions on building archery equipment anywhere, and it’s absolutely free. There is also a link to his youtube channel where you’ll find more how-to outdoor videos.