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Seeing is believing – Seeing is catching!

It is no secret that the pros use visual cues for a vast majority of their fishing. Seeing structure and other clues to where the fish are, as well as spotting the fish themselves as a strategy for catching fish makes any day of fishing more productive. A great tool for spotting deep fish is your Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder, but your tool for spotting shallow fish is the ability to stand and fish, as well as sitting up high and fish. Jackson Kayak fishing kayaks provide both really well, but the 25 quart Orion Cooler gives you an even higher sitting down position than the standard elite seats in the kayaks.


My perfect 1-2 punch for site fishing from my kayak is to replace my elite seat with my Orion 25 which fits nicely in that location. The seat can be strapped down using RAM components and two cam straps, or it can be simply placed in the location if you are not worried about knocking it over. (I tend to just place it there and not worry about strapping it down, but strapping it down does give you extra confidence)

If you want to still have access to your seat, you can put it in the storage well behind the cooler for later use.

There are a few things to remember when using the cooler as a seat:

  • You are sitting up higher so it is less stable. Remember not to be overly quick to turn around backwards or lean over the side as it is much more likely to flip the kayak than if you were sitting on the seat. If you feel that having this height advantage is really important to you but you are worried about stability, consider the Jackson Kayak “Big Rig” which is 37” wide and super stable.
  • Your paddle must be at least 240cm, but 250-260 is ideal for a comfortable forward stroke. I use the Werner Cyprus “hooked” at 250 cm and it works for both my seat and the cooler options. 260 would be too long for low seating position, and 240 too short for the cooler. Too Short doesn’t make it non-functional, I have used the 240 with the cooler, but it is more comfortable and efficient to use a 250cm.
  • You need to keep your tackle boxes at your feet or behind you. Our seats are designed to keep tackle under them, and in the pockets. The cooler sits on the hull and eliminates the tackle storage area. It does keep your drinks/food, etc.. super handy, however!


The last time I went out in my Coosa HD using my Orion 25 as a seat I landed two bass over 10 pounds. The 12 pounder I spotted at the base of a stump in about 10 feet of clear water. I was sitting at the time, and saw a dark spot with a light spot next to it and that was the stump, I then saw a dark spot (big one!) move over the light spot and knew there was big fish there. I spent the next 15 minutes trying to catch it. I tried a few lures, Strike King Ocho, crank bait, and finally committed to the Strike King slither rig (skirted tungsten weight), with a Trokar 5/0 flipping hook and a Rage Tail Craw trailer. 5 or so flips into the area with no bites, I moved away from the fish by another 10’ and flipped back into the area while standing up and I thought I snagged the log at first as it was a solid feeling. One flip of the tail of that beast and I knew she had it in her mouth and I set the hook. A good fight and two jumps later (WOW on the jumps!) I landed her in the boat and was able to show her off to my Power-Pole mounted GoPro and release her unharmed. Had I not been sitting on my Orion Cooler, I never would have seen her in 10’ of water. My next project will be to get an Orion that matches the color of my boat. Bahama!


Did I mention that the ice and cold drinks in that cooler was from the week before at an FLW Bass Fishing Tournament from my Bass boat? Sweet!


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