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Orion in the Tundra

Hey y’all!

Recently, through work, I had the opportunity to travel to a destination only a few will get the privilege to visit. I went to Iqaluit, Nunavut in Canada. Let me tell you something: it is not a very hip town or area, but within all that austerity, Iqaluit has a unique beauty!

This is my third time going to those latitudes, but the first one during summer. And you guessed it, I had to go fishing! I tried my luck for my first time fishing for Arctic Char. A cousin of salmon, but WAY better tasting. Unfortunately the fish weren’t biting, so I had to do it like the locals. Still, I ended up bringing six fish back home and eating one as dinner in the hotel room.

I documented a bit during my stay and I want to share it with you. I must let you know in advance, I’m not a professional videographer or editor but I still think it’s cool seeing what it looks like in the North.

I took my Orion 25 with me and let me tell ya something, it kept my fish cool!

I hope you enjoy it!

– Roberto Briones

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