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Orion Coolers on the FLW Bass Tour

Keeping ice is a part of tournament Bass Fishing. While my Ranger Comanche z521c has two coolers on it, and they are better than what you typically find on a bass boat, they are designed for day use and it takes a few bags of ice to be sure you still have ice by the end of the day. I prefer to not worry about ice for days at a time and just load my Orion on the boat and keep it there, with drinks, food, etc.. For my FLW Walmart Tour event on Lake Okeechobee, I loaded one bag of ice in my Orion 25, along with 4 1 quart Gatorades, some candy bars, and Red Bull on Day 1. My co-angler added in a couple of drinks and sandwiches and we were off on Day 1. One day 2 I simply restocked my drinks and candy and my co-angler as well and we were off for day 2 of the tournament. The cooler made a good third seat as well as it is higher than the steps on the boat.


I didn’t need anything fancy with my Orion, but the next two days fishing on Okeechobee were all done with the same one bag of ice I started with before the tournament. Buying ice at 5:45am in the dark, while trying to deal with a boat, etc.. isn’t easy. Not having to worry about it is priceless!


As the weather heats up and the fishing goes to the ledges, keeping enough ice to keep the live well cool is critical to the survival of the fish. I will bring two bags of ice on those days. One for my food/drinks and one for my live-well.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.46.44 PM

Next stop is Lake Hartwell in Anderson, SC! Come by the Expo and see our coolers for yourself !


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