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Orion 65 Matches the Nissan Titan Bed – Perfectly!

The Orion 65 has been my favorite size so far, for most uses that doesn’t include lots of moving it around. I have found a new, awesome, home for it in the bed of my Nissan Titan XD diesel (Cummins).

I looked around at different trucks and one of the things I love about the Titan is that it has gear tracks just like Orion Coolers have! These gear tracks can be used for many things, such as adjustable tie down locations, bed dividers, and more. I found that the Orion 65 fits perfectly in between the two tracks and it ties down solidly in the bed using the tie down cleats that come with the truck. Two short cam straps hold the Orion Cooler in place with zero movement, even when off roading.

You will need to tie it down 3” from the very front of the bed to allow the lid to open all of the way and stay open for loading and unloading the cooler.

Another perk is that the leftover space on either side of the cooler is exactly the right amount to hold a whitewater kayak on its side. When I load my RockStar in the bed I slide the bow next to the cooler and bungee the back of the boat against the other tie down locations there. My paddle, gear, and rods fit in the back as well as long as I keep my Coosa FD fishing kayak on my Thule Roof Racks. I went with the X-Porter racks and spaced them to match the hull of the kayak. I use the Orion 65 to hold enough ice to either load up my 25 when i bring it on the water in my kayak, or my Ranger bass boat to keep the livewell cool, or my cooler stocked on that one too.

I was quite excited to find that there was a full size truck that offered the same kind of versatility that my Orion Cooler had with the gear tracks.

Fun stuff!
p.s. see you on the water!

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