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My year with Orion Coolers…

When the Orion Coolers were first “birthed” at our factory in Sparta, TN last year, it was a proud moment for everyone at Jackson Kayak. We created something that was brand new, already a game changer, but that would take some time to start showing off just how great it could be. Sure, we already knew we held ice longer, could make amazing color combinations, thanks to the very specialized ovens that only we have in the cooler business, and could accessorize our coolers like nobody else could, but that was just the beginning. What our coolers are designed to do is truly a game changer and I am really enjoying this new game.


Since Jackson Kayak is the parent of the Orion offspring, it only made sense that we design a cooler that would work specifically for our kayaks, both to go in the cargo bay in the back of the kayak, but also to be used as a super elevated seat in our seat position as well! This is why the 25 quart cooler came right after the 65 quart. We also added the 35 quart which can fit in most kayaks as a seat or in the cargo bay as well. I have landed numerous bass over 10 pounds out of my Jackson Kayak Coosa HD, while sitting on top of my Orion 25, which gives me a huge advantage in sight fishing. That alone, is all I really need to say about my Orion… 10 pound bass, more than one, all with my Orion as my seat. But there is more, of course.


Whitewater kayaking at the whitewater parks of Colorado is an all day affair for my family, friends, and I. Bringing my Orion 65 down to the water for food, drinks, and creating a little hangout place makes the experience even more fun for everyone. Tailgating at the river.

My travels take me up to our friend in the North, Canada, for kayak fishing, whitewater kayaking, camping, and more. Having a versatile cooler that can hold ice for a week or more (can’t get ice where I go!), and works for all of the situations I need it for makes everyone’s life easier and more fun on these trips.


I don’t know if it is the novelty of it, or what, but every trip when we are sitting around enjoying what is inside of the cooler, the conversation somehow ends up being about the Orion Cooler itself. Somebody comments on the look, the Utilitop “mini bar” accessory, or how impressed with the ice retention they are. I certainly won’t complain about that kind of interest, but, for me, the cooler is another important tool to allow me to enjoy the outdoors, my friends, and family, without having to worry about food going bad, drinks getting warm, or the logistics around eating/drinking that the cooler can handle.


My Ranger Bass Boat is another place you can find my Orion Cooler. The built in boat coolers will lose 2 bags of ice in 1 day or less, and having to buy ice in the morning before fishing (while still dark, and not near a store) is a hassle. I bring my Orion on the boat for keeping ice for my drinks, but for tournament fishing it is also critical to keep the live-well iced down in the summer to keep the fish happy. Sight fishing is all the more effective on top of the cooler as well!


Fishing the Bayou at Delacroix, Louisiana for redfish while standing up another 2′ is both fun and more productive. The standing pad on the Orion Coolers are standard (retail cost to add them to major brands up to $100) and it is non-slip and comfortable.

I expect that my next year will be full of more big adventures in whitewater, kayak fishing, camping, hunting, and tournament fishing. My Orion Coolers will be a big part of those adventures.

Will you have a friend with you, like I do, in your cooler? Click the buy-now button to pick your color and size. check out the “Home Team Colors” to represent at your next tailgate party, or a Camo for hunt camp.


My Orion Coolers are reminding me of good times. Like a good friend with shared experiences. I see it and a flood of memories come back; friends, family, travel, camping, fishing, kayaking, picnics, and they all give me warm fuzzy feelings. I no longer look at the cooler as just a tool. It is part of my lifestyle.

See you on the water!


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