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How long will Orion Coolers keep ice?

There are a lot of claims out there in regards to how long coolers keep ice. The fact is that how long ice remains in a cooler is a function of number of factors, from insulation, quality and type of ice used, packing density, how many times the cooler is opened, where it is stored, whether or not the cooler was pre-chilled, etc.

Orion Coolers offer a level of insulation that is equal to or better than any coolers on the market.

Why Are You Named Orion Coolers?

Orion, the ‘Great Hunter’ of Greek legend, was well known as a skilled hunter, master of beasts, and master of the seas. There are many legendary tales of Orion and his adventures in the wild. A great huntsman, Orion was set amongst the stars by the God Zeus upon his death, forever stalking the heavens.

Orion’s strength, dominance, skill, and timelessness are all traits of Orion Coolers.

Orion Coolers…. Performance. Innovation. Legendary.

Why do Orion Coolers keep ice longer than budget coolers?

Orion Coolers keep ice longer than budget coolers due to a superior level of insulation. With at least 2” of insulation bonded to the rugged polyethylene shell, there is a high thermal barrier between your ice and conditions outside the cooler. Combine that with a thick, refrigerator style gasket to stop any air from penetrating, and the microclimate within the Orion is isolated from conditions outside.

How do I know what size Orion Cooler to buy?

That is a function of many factors, from what you want to store in the Orion, where you want to store it, how you want to use it if accessorized, and how long you intend to use it. Smaller sizes are generally better for shorter duration trips, larger sizes are generally better for longer trips. Smaller coolers carry multiple, smaller items well, while larger coolers are required for physically larger items, like quartered game, large game fish, or food for your group on a week long rafting trip, or just drink ice for your entire crew for the week you’re at hunting camp.

If you want to use the Orion as a casting platform, medium to larger sizes offer more room to walk around, but any size can be used for this.

What type of warranty is offered with Orion Coolers?

Orion Coolers are built to last in the harshest conditions in the world. Our coolers are fully warranted to the original owner for a period of 5 years from date of purchase.

Can I order a custom colored Orion Cooler to match my Jackson Kayak?

Orion Coolers are offered in colors that already match many Jackson Kayak standard colors. The Dorado, Forest Camo, and Jungle Camo (AKA GI Jackson) colors are standard for both brands. Sky Camo matches Sexy Shad in the Jackson Kayak line as well.

In addition to our seven standard colors (Sky, Blaze, Bluefin, Stone, Dorado, Forest, Jungle) we also have sixteen additional colors in our Home Team Series, which you can check out here: HOME TEAM SERIES

If you don’t see the combo you’re after, you can place an order for a custom by sending an email to There is a $100 upcharge for the custom combo and the process could take up to six weeks.

Where can I purchase an Orion Cooler?

Orion Coolers are available directly from our web store and at local retailers.

Can I order an Orion Cooler from your facility?

Yes, you can purchase an Orion Cooler directly from our facility in Sparta, TN. For directions to our factory, please click here for a Google Map link to our facility.

What are the dimensions of the six sizes Orion Coolers offered?

The dimensions of each of the Orion Cooler sizes can be found on their comparison chart, or you can simply download a complete set of interior and exterior specs HERE.

Will any Orion Coolers fit on my Jackson Kayak?

The Orion 25 is best suited for use on Jackson Kayaks, used in the storage area behind the seat and in some cases can be used to replace the seat as a higher seating option. The Orion 45 also fits the Jackson Kayak SUPerFISHAL fishing SUP.