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Wild Reality TV

Wild Reality TV is a small group of guys from South Central Illinois bringing together our own form of outdoor entertainment.

Each of the WRTV staff comes from different walks of life that choose to balance their faith, families, passion and careers on a full time basis. Those careers range from I.T. Administration, Photography, Injection Molding, Maintenance Electrician, Radiologic Technologist to Farrier.

We have been blessed to work with some of the best companies in the outdoor industry, and have been hosting outdoor entertainment since 2002.

Over those years, we’ve learned a lot.

Everything you see from WRTV is 100% self-maintained. We do all our own filming, editing, website design, hosting, marketing and social media content all in house by our own staff. We do not outsource any part of it and feel that’s how we truly bring our passion for the outdoor for everyone to see.

It’s not easy and rarely ever goes as planned, but we have to learn to work with what Mother Nature provides us.