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Our Features

The Orion Difference

Standing Pad

Instead of offering our pad as an $80-$90 accessory, we thought it should be included on the lid of every one of our Orion Coolers. This dual-layered EVA foam marine-style pad is designed to give you standing traction and seated comfort complete with our routed logo that is distinctly Orion.

Six Tie Down Points

Orion Coolers are meant to go places. That’s safer when done securely. Every Orion has six tie down points, one on each corner (that are also bottle openers), and one on the middle of each side providing you with multiple options for secure transport, whatever and wherever that may be. Whether on the bow of your boat, bed of your truck, or back of your kayak, your Orion will stay where you want it.

4 Bottle Openers

Coolers often hold drinks. Some of them aren’t that easy to open. We say ‘no more’ to lost bottle openers. Bottles are no match for Orion’s built in bottle opener corners, one on every corner. These corners also act as tie down points, and bumpers as you slide your Orion in and out of truck beds or other containers. You can still show off with the lighter or eye-socket tricks if you want to, but your friends, and clients, will thank you.

Lockable & Bear Resistant

Orion coolers can be locked on the corners with a pad-lock, flexible cable, or gun safety lock, and are certified by the IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee). That means that they meet the requirements and regulations for food storage in National Forests in grizzly bear habitat. You can secure the Orion, while still being able to open it, or lock it completely shut.

Low Profile Camming Latches

Orion latches are a low-profile, hinging, cam style that gives you a mechanical advantage when opening and closing. What does that mean? They’re easy to open and close, simple, and snag free when sliding the cooler in and out of your vehicle, or when standing on it and casting your fly line.

Motorcycle Grip Carry Handles

Heavy-duty rope system with motorcycle-style grip handles. Made so knuckles don’t touch cooler when carrying and don’t drag on the ground at rest.

7 Camo Colors

There are a lot of premium coolers on the market. They look alike. Orion doesn’t. Orion is proud to introduce multi-color, camo plastic blends to the cooler market. Available in multiple variations, no two coolers are alike, and styles can be chosen to best suit you, or your adventure. If you’re a Jackson Kayak owner, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s probably an option to match your Orion to your Jackson.

Rugged Rotomolded Shell

Coolers are not easy to mold. Nor are kayaks. Orion Coolers are molded by the best molding experts in the business, right next to Jackson Kayaks, at our facility in Sparta, TN. They aren’t outsourced to the lowest bidder. Orion Coolers have a thick, polyethylene shell designed to provide you with years of service, and the heavy abuse that life in the outdoors can dish out.

Best-in-class, 2” of Insulation

Underneath that rugged exterior shell, Orion Coolers have at least 2” of insulation to keep what’s cold, cold.

Made in the USA

Orion Coolers is a Jackson Kayak brand and product line. All of their products are made in the USA. Jackson Kayak has long been building products that withstand the harshest of environments.

We take that knowledge, staff, experience and approach to build coolers that last in the out of doors. Our coolers are the product of years of play in the adventure environments of the world and the direct result of solving some of what we feel are problems with today’s coolers.

Smart, Real-World Sizing

Coolers carry things. They also need to fit places. Every Orion Cooler was designed to accommodate common, real world items, appropriate for its most common uses. That means that things like wine, 2L bottles, or a case of cans can be stood upright in them. They also fit on common hitch haul carriers, behind the seat of your kayak, or within airline baggage requirements (model dependent).

The Great Hunter

Orion, the ‘Great Hunter’ of Greek legend, was well known as a skilled hunter, master of beasts, and master of the seas. There are many legendary tales of Orion and his adventures in the wild. A great huntsman, Orion was set amongst the stars by the God Zeus upon his death, forever stalking the heavens. Like Orion the hunter, Orion Coolers exemplify strength, dominance, skill, and longevity.

Drain Plug

Large, easy to open drain plug for fast drainage of any melted water, ease of hosing out, or equalizing pressure after air travel.

YakAttack™ Track

One of the key innovations of Orion Coolers is the standard YakAttack™ accessory tracks mounted on each side. These allow you to easily and quickly mount a myriad of accessories to the Orion to enhance its performance and tailor it to your adventure. Rod holders, phone holders, cup holders, GPS, Fish Finders, etc all mount to the Orion Cooler, without interfering with opening and closing it. Cooler, check. Casting platform, check. Bar, check. Entertainment center, check. Dining table, check. Countertop, check. You get the idea.


Everybody has their way of doing things. Just like no two Orion coolers are colored the same, no two adventures are the same. We believe performing at its best means the ability to tailor your Orion to how you like to do things, quickly and easily. To do that, every Orion comes standard with YakAttack gear tracks built in that let you attach accessories to outfit your Orion however you want.

Recessed Handles

Underneath each side, just below the accessory track, are two contoured recesses, custom designed for easy single-person hauling. Bomber grips that make solo trips a breeze.

Innovative Interior

Highly Functional Tray System

Unlike wire mesh cooler trays on the market, Orions tray is solid, thermoformed plastic, with a small drain. That means small items won’t fall through, it’s easy to clean, and your cooler stays organized.

Sectional Divider & Cutting Board

  • Food grade cutting board
  • Fits into any slot inside
  • Organizes cooler
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