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Destination: Argentina

Day 1

With great expectations and excitement we headed to DFW airport in Dallas, Texas. When we arrived we unloaded all 9 bags of clothing and camera equipment, and headed to our gate. OOPS, a bamboozler, at the gate it says flight to ATLANTA, is two hours behind schedule, so why couldn’t they have let us know that when we checked in? So now we have to have our flight canceled since we won’t make our connecting flight. So that leaves us to get our luggage OFF the plane and book a flight the next day, which interns leads to contacting our Guide and Pickup in Buenos Aires…. So now we have to go and have our luggage removed and brought back up stairs. NOT LOOKING LIKE A GREAT FIRST START…..but we took it in stride knowing the airlines!!


Day 2

Well here we are again at the airport hoping all is ok, and just in case we booked a flight much earlier. And yep it worked out ok we are on the way to Atlanta and a 10 hour flight to Buenos Aires. We are on the plane, YEA!!! At least we have all the movies we want to watch for 10 hours, sleeping just is way hard to do…

Day 3

Welcome to Buenos Aires, yep we landed all safe and sound, now begins the journey. We have to make the tour through Customs and somehow we all made it with out a hitch. Our ride to the next airport was waiting and soon as we got all our luggage and bags, and camera gear we loaded up in his van and off to the next jump off point airport to Bahia Blanca. After an excruciating ride in the traffic and bumper cars all around 1hr and 30 min later we had found the airport. Now we have found another little blip in the system, they decided it we would pay for luggage again since we changed planes and had to load up again. Somehow this was not explained during our trip info… Oh well if were going to get to our destination we have no choice. BY THE WAY, it cost us and additional $247 in overweight on this jaunt. Now we are on the plane..

Sunflower fields

Bahia Blanca

Finally back on the ground and now we are in for another road trip of 3 hours to our destination at Hucal Safaris. Our guide has us loaded up and we are off and running and I mean running, they don’t drive slow and no police to check, except at each parish crossing where they check for meat or fruits. The land is pretty flat here not many hills even, lots of Onion Fields and sunflower fields.


Finally we have left the pavement and on a dirt road for 25 miles, course we were not sure if we would ever get all the dirt and sand out of our luggage since it was all strapped down in the back of a truck…. Finally we turned towards a house in the distance… YEA!! IT’S THE LODGE. Now rest and relaxation and a cold one and some food and rest up for day 4. Scouting and Hunting Water Buffalo..


Day 4

Well, we are off on the trail of some Argentina Buffalo, and located a herd at a neighboring ranch. We found them in a thorny thickets but seems that’s what most of the area is and believe me its thorny and thick, you could see them ahead of you but no way to draw a bow or even get a shot, so we had to work our way ahead of them hoping to get in front of them to get a shot. Finally after our planning and a lot of walking we accomplished our goal and Kenneth was able to take his first Argentina Water Buffalo with a bow and the closest we could get was 54 yards and he made a perfect shot through the lungs. This Water Buffalo from the region we are hunting is a Murah Buffalo. We will be after a different one in a few days called a Mediterranean Water Buffalo but for now we are taking a break and heading towards the dove fields.

Day 5

Another beautiful morning and we are headed about 40 miles away to hunt Doves in a nearby farm, that has Sunflower fields and the doves are destroying their crops so we decide to go help them get rid of a few being the good hearted people we are… LOL. And when they said DOVES they weren’t kidding they were everywhere in the fields and along with Parrots and Pigeons. Birds were getting fat on the sunflowers for sure. We had a great day and killed plenty of doves, after about 2 cases of shells apiece we came to the conclusion it was best to let our shoulders take a break after a morning of shooting they were pretty sore from all that shooting. We took a lunch break then headed back to the lodge for a rest and plans on hunting a Spanish Goat this afternoon.
Lunch and nap is over and time to head back to the thickets to try and locate a goat. We drove a lot but finally located a large Black and white and Kenneth was able to take it with his bow. Wow, things are really going great with lots of scenery and country to see and then being able to take another animal was just another great experience.


Day 6

We decided to pack up and move to a different part of the country to hunt the Elusive Mediterranean Water Buffalo so we had along 4 hour trip ahead of us. After driving and stopping along the way for fuel, and snacks we left the Pavement and headed down another dirt road for 25 miles, yep you’re correct in your thinking, bags and equipment covered in dust and sand again.

NOTE: One thing to remember if you head to Argentina be sure and check your area you are going to because lots of places DO NOT!! Take credit cards or U.S. Dollars, you have to have Argentina dollars only. And not many places out of the big cities speak much English. The rate was about $1 U.S. dollar equals about $10 Argentina pesos.IMG_9394
We finally made it to the new place to hunt and what a great place it was, it is the LA COLORADA, ranch and was extremely great place and accommodations. After arriving we settled in to our rooms went for a ride around the ranch to look for animals. This ranch is 12,000 acres, 3,000 is a breading facility and the rest is FREE RANGE hunting. They had Red Stag, Mediterranean Water Buffalo, Fallow, Axis, Blackbuck and Boars.

Day 7

We got up had a great breakfast and off to the wilderness to hunt for our second Water Buffalo, these seem to be much larger and heavier than the one we had taken on our first hunt earlier in the week. We saw a few but unfortunately we were no able to get close enough to get one with the bow. We headed back to the lodge at dark for a great meal prepared by their chef.


Day 8

Early this morning Kenneth and Jeron went out with their guide Charlie to look for a Buffalo so I remained at the lodge this morning and flew our Drone all around the area taking some great photos and video of where we were and getting the overhead view of the area. Around lunch they returned and said they had seen a big one they tried to get on but wasn’t quite able to get close enough because of the thick brush, so they will try again after lunch…
After a great lunch and short nap Kenneth, Jeron, and the PH Charlie, headed back to the timber and brush to look for Buffalo. This time happened to be the lucky day, because Kenneth was able to get a shot on the BUFFALO and it was right through both lungs. They are extremely tough and animals and it weighed 2600 lbs the hide was 2” thick of fat and hair, but the arrow was perfectly placed.

After tracking the Buffalo through the timber and thorn thickets they found the Buffalo in such a thick area, we had to take a chain saw just to get to it. NOW THAT’S THICK!!! What a great day and ending for Kenneth on his Buffalo.

Mediterainean Buff

Day 9

After such a successful hunt on the Buffalo Kenneth decided to make an attempt to hunt one of the Free Range Red Stags, so off we went another adventure awaiting us. As we were stalking through the trees and thickets we spotted a great looking Red Stag, so we started our quiet no noise, even though we were being attacked by the numerous thorn trees.OUCH!! OUCH! And believe me its hard following and trying to capture all this on film carrying all the equipment and trying to make sure you can get everything on film. If the camera guy cant get it in the focus and on film then the Hunter can’t shoot that is what makes making a TV SHOW tough to do. Lots of times when the hunter is on the animal, the camera guy may not be in the exact position to get the shot on film. Of course that makes it frustrating for all of us but that’s the way it is sometimes.

Finally everything was coming together and Kenneth was able to make the shot which again he made a perfect shot on the Stag.

Day 10

What a great adventure and experience this was for us to be able to go to such a different part of the world and hunt. WE want to thank All of our Great sponsors for their support so we can be able to bring such excitement and experiences to share with all our viewers.


We hope you enjoy the pictures we have taken for you to enjoy what we did.

We want everyone to enjoy each experience you can in the outdoors, it’s a great privilege we have in this country the GOOD OLE U.S.A. that others don’t have.

Live and enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends.
Best Regards – The Double Lung Outdoors TV Team.

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