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Corporate Purchase Program

Orion Coolers knows all too well what it takes to build a company by paying close attention to expense on items required to run the day to day operations. We’re flattered that so many companies, who recognize a quality tool is worth the expense, are asking to purchase Orion Coolers.

Orion is happy to offer an easy way for Government Agencies, Construction Companies, Outfitters, Fish and Game Agencies, and other companies, that utilize coolers in their business, to purchase directly from our online store at a reduced price to suit your budget.

Corporate Purchase Program Minimum order is 4 coolers of any size – Please Apply Here

If you are an ‘individual’ that only needs 1 or 2 coolers, then consider our Pro Purchase Program to see if you might be eligible for a reduced price.

For additional information please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or 931-739-2665 (cool)