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2017 California Coast Species To Date

Here is a video to show some of the species I have put in my Orion 85 in 2017, and the fun I have had hunting them and enjoying the harvest back on shore.

Species shown in vid are Lingcod, Cabezon, Chinook Salmon, Leopard Shark (not taken), California Sheephead, Red Abalone, Vermilion/Black/Blue Rockfish and California Halibut.

I’ve attached a few pics below showing some of the fish and the meals I made out of them as well…the Orion 85 did a great job keeping them all safe and cool until I got home to prepare them.
Orion Full of Fish

Combined fish harvest

Nice abelone

Sashimi, yum!

Scallop and Roe Bomb

Vermillion Tail Served

Orion 85 with beer stocked up

Thanks for looking!!



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